About Us

About Us

BTO Tea (Brewed To Order), founded in December 2018 in partnership with Teapresso Bar from Hawaii, has a vision of bringing healthy alternative choices for boba milk tea and coffee to the state of Washington. The first BTO location opened on Pacific Highway in Kent, WA and has since succeeded in positioning itself as a healthy drink provider in Washington market.

BTO is the first shop in Washington to offer organic specialty coffee and brewed to order boba milk tea with organic and vegan options. Each drink is custom made using natural and fresh local ingredients. In addition to coffee and tea, BTO also offers a variety of beverages including organic lemonade, fresh fruit smoothies, and frappe, to name a few.

Each location serves as a gathering place for all ages. Board games and WiFi are available for use, and upon request, space can be reserved for private parties and catering services can be provided for special events. Customers have the convenience of ordering their drinks online and having them delivered. BTO also participates in many local community fundraisers and functions throughout the state.

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